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If you want to make the most of your time during lock down, then I’d suggest you get your ass up and get yourself into a daily workout routine as soon as possible!

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Classic Physique Comeback In 2019 For Graden

Not many athletes understand what a classical physique entailed nor what posing was really required to present a classic physique, with this insight I jumped at the opportunity to pave the way.

Cherilyn’s Debut at ICN NSW State Championships

Our ‘new mum bodies’ are something that we are all still getting used to. Part of that learning and adjusting is accepting my body for what it brings into my life.

Graden Leong Wins Overall Australia Title

Leaders lead by example. No matter what stage in life you may be at, anything is possible if you set yourself a goal, surround yourself with positive people and have the right plan of action.


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