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"I love working with children, watching them grow and develop into kind young people is what I live for."

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ABOUT TINY TIGERS KARATE FOR KIDS LESSONS. (specialized pre-school program 4 – 7 years)

“Students that can control their minds, can control their bodies. Give your child a head start in life with our TINY TIGERS KARATE FOR KIDS PROGRAM”

At GMF, The Tiny Tigers Karate for kids Program focuses on young pre-school children’s self protection, personal discipline, improving fine motor and life skills. The skills learned in our “Tiny Tigers Karate for kids Program” will teach your child great self defence skills but also build great basic qualities that can be utilised through schooling and daily life. Considering this, the tiny tigers pre-school program will also prepare your child’s transition from ‘Tiny Tigers Karate for kids’ to ‘Tigers Karate’ (ages 8 – early teens).

The Tiny Tigers Kids martial arts Program will take your child on a journey of self development that will see many positive changes by keeping kids healthy, fit and flexible, feeling stronger and more confident to tackle life’s challenges.

Our system also provides methods in dealing with teaching stranger danger awareness with ‘bad bully block system’ by highlighting the strategies incorporated with self defense against bullies, adults and strangers as well as mixing it up with fun fitness games used to develop fine motor skills, flexibility and overall body co-ordination and mental focus.

With regular training at our friendly family culture dojo your child will develop:

Respect :

Students learn respect through the “bow”. By showing your bow to anyone within the dojo, is classed a sign of high respect regardless of rank. One earns respect by giving respect as it is earned


Through kids martial arts courage is built overtime when confidence builds. By facing various challenges (gradings, competitions, community demonstrations) and overcoming them, both courage and confidence is built which impacts on ones positive self-esteem.


Confidence with give you the will power to achieve everything anything set in life. By conveying this at an early age, you are giving your child a head start in life.


Patience is a vital tool used in life. By teaching your child how to control their patience they will understand that great achievement will not happen overnight and takes patience, discipline and practise. Your child will learn about the importance of patience when training and being a part of team GM


Focus is a key point on both Martial Arts Training and life goals. Through the Tiny Tigers Program, your child will greatly improve concentration and focus skills through various action/reaction and focus  drills.

“Surrounding Your Children With Positive, Responsible, Influences Is One Of The Greatest Things You Can Do For Your Child”

Tiny Tigers ROAR!!!


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