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(Greater Mind Focus) It was indeed the best decision to join the GMF team and family, not only for the idea of fitness, but self defense and greater self esteem in specially the tiny tigers group in today’s society. If my six year old can address a school assembly of 600 to 800 student parents and teachers , keep up his passion of dancing ; its all came from self confidence, and that confidence was insulted from his sensai (MR Graden Leong from GMF) health consciousness, fitness and training, never giving up attitude, given and achieved respect, high attainments in every aspect of his early life is the result of his sensai’s dedication to his profession, for molding not only Aryans future but many others like Aryan, at GMF your needs are not calculated via gender , age or race, instead everyone is attended to their personal requirements, with accomplishing results.

Umlesh Sharma

With Gradens support and knowledge he helped me achieve goals I never thought where possible. Results are 100% and support is there when you need it.

Teresa Saisanas

GMF has been one of the best decisión i have ever made im proud to say GMF is my dojo i recommend GMF to any one looking for a change to better life

Kymani Adrian

Gradens your man to get you fit

Keiran Walker

GMF is a community school that welcomes everyone with open arms. There are specific curriculums set out for each age group ranging from 4 yrs up to 50+ years. Graden Being a martial artist and fitness champion himself, he has all the right knowledge in how to assisting people reach their goals no matter what obstacles may come up. Everyone looks up to him because He is very passionate about what he does and he doesn’t believe it’s just a job. It’s what he loves to do and helping people is his main priority. He definately sees the best in people. He is very dedicated his clients and always there to support and help them become the best they can be. It’s all about reaching above and beyond to him. Knowing Graden Leong over the years has helped me have a better understanding of health fitness, general well being, and simply believing in myself. I’ve also learnt to never say “I can’t”, it’s ” I CAN”

Jeh Jeh Sparkle

A fun and friendly atmosphere everytime you walk in the door. Owner graden leong brings a passion unmatched by any other trainer every session. Extremely professional in every aspect of weight training, martial arts and nutrition. I cant recommend GMF highly enough, it helped me turn my life around.

Matt Ravlich

The greatest commendation for a non-gym going girl…having the confidence to be in the ‘big boys’ gym with all the weights…and be complimented on how fine my form was! and that I must be having personal training and I would proudly say, “yes, trained by Graden Leong at GMF”. My love of mind, body and spirit opened my eyes to the zen of lifting weights and now thanks to Graden I’m healthily addicted!

Tamara Boyle

break that weight

Tonga Tomasi

Awesome place it’s one big GMF family :)

Renee Saisanas

Best place to train. If you’re looking for self defence and sparring then look no further than here. Great for learning how to train with weights and training for bodybuilding

Tim Adam Fabros

I highly recommend GMF!, such a well structure place to have my child trained here=) Thank you so much Graden.

Elly Tran

There are only two words that can describe GMF. PURE AWESOMENESS!!!

Matias Garrido

I have been apart of the GMF family for a year and a half now, in that time I have witnessed Gradens love passion and knowledge for his work. Only to be belived by experience no gym has a more welcoming feeling.

Michael Rehctub

Ive never met a trainer whos so motivated, focused and inspirational! There is no such thing as “I cant” so Graden has taught me!! GMF is the place to train if you want to achieve your fitness goals!! TEAM GMF Baby!!!

Pauline San Jose

Since training at GMF, my perception of exercise/training has changed. Graden offers great support and helps discipline you in order to achieve your goals. I have already seen a change in how i look and feel! Thank you Team GMF

Anya Le Breux

An exceptional training atmosphere within the GMF Dojo & a very disciplined Trainer, if you want results Graden makes sure you will see them. Knowledge is Power. Without his guidance on clean eating foods to correct training practices I wouldn’t be at my goal weight today & know how to maintain it!

Reyna San Jose

I have known Graden Leong for a very long time now and have played along side him on the footy field and I have never seen someone with so much commitment to what they do and this shines through in the way he runs his dojo he alway expects the best out of himself and always strives to get the best out of his clients to get them the best results and no matter what when you go to GMF you always feel welcomed and at home like a big family I highly recommend GMF for all your health and fitness needs

Peter Hoggard

GMF is one of the best gyms I’ve ever been a part of. It’s unique in a way because you not only feel like a part of the team, but part of the family as well. Graden’s taught me a lot of about my body and how to improve it in terms of muscle growth, food intake, strength and stamina building. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone and everyone that want to keep fit and stay fit!

Mark Corpuz

I joined GMF in October and since then I have not looked back!!! Sensai Graden is the most inspiring and dedicated trainer!!! He is well known as a body transformer but I believe he is a LIFE transformer!!!! The confidence I have and the belief in aspiring and acheiving dreams takes me by surprise !!! But I’m living proof that anything is possible luv GMF!!!!

Nicole Haifa

Graden is an absolute professional with the skills and experience to push you further and harder than you ever could have imagined. I have come across very few people with the dedication, drive and tenacity that Graden effortlessly displays. Therefore it is not surprising to witness the respect he commands on and off the stage. He is a genuine and giving individual who would be instrumental in helping you achieve your goals whatever they may be. Thank you Graden and Team GMF for all your support xoxo

Lee Duncan

Was a great year with the team and was a pleasure to watch the the team perform and compete on stage and was very motivating for me , look forward to what the team brings out this year !!

Rainier De Spartacus

GMF is a great starting point and introduction to martial arts and fitness for the little ones. The tiny tigers program teaches them self confidence and pushes them as individuals to be the best they can. Great instructors and group of kids makes for a great team!

Katrina Smith

GMF has left me with the most amazing memory & achievements for 2013. With Graden’s complete guidance & support, I conquered my dream. The most amazing coach , Graden Leong helped me chase my passion to compete & landed 2 overall champion wins & 1 miss Australia novice figure champion. I look forward to see what we can achieve in 2014, as Graden will always push you to your limits.. AMAZING !!!!

Nadema Nakhl

Having trained at GMF under the guidance of Graden, I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a dedicated and passionate trainer, who loves nothing more than to see results for all his clients. He doesnt just talk the talk but walks it also, which gives him the edge above the rest!

Anna DeOliveira

Training at GMF is a unique experience . I joined GMF from the recommendations of two very trusted sources. Graden is a professional. He encourages and never let’s you give up before you’ve reached your best in every rep. I have achieved results that even I am surprised with.

Anna Severino

Truly inspired by the best in the business, Graden leads all his students and clients to success. GMF has real people, with real results with and have real passion. Ever since I’ve met Graden, he has showed me the beauty of health and fitness and how it all connects with your inner well-being. This lead me to become a stage fitness model. Join Team GMF today!

Cherilyn San Jose

My passion is to help you become the best that you can be through mentorship, team work, discipline and commitment. If I’ve done it and achieved it, so can you!

Graden Leong

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